About Us

Steel Rose Company started as an artisan shop specializing in metal roses, flowers and bouquets.(We still make them from time to time, they never last long so make sure to follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our Newsletter at the bottom of page.)

Since then we have expanded on our knowledge, designs, artisan skills and creativity to build one of a kind pieces. Each project we take on is hand built by us, using only high quality materials we bring our clients dream designs into reality.


Behind Steel Rose Company

Husband and wife team, yep just the two of us!

Noel: I Grew up renovating houses, worked in a furniture shop then trained in both Heavy Duty and Commercial Mechanics eventually working on tugboats as part of the engineering team on the west coast of beautiful British Columbia. Being creative, always building and repairing, working in various trades with many types of materials has gifted me the experience and skills to create one of a kind pieces. I love learning, designing, building and challenges only make it more interesting!

Ash: Unlike my husband, my talents are not in creativity or building, stick figures is the extent of my artistic skills. What I do bring to the table besides keeping Noel alive and focused, is my background in Sales and Human Resource Management. I focus on bringing media content, marketing, quality control and customer service. I love seeing what ideas clients come in with and their joy when we deliver the final product!

Noel & Ash
Steel Rose Company