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Our History:

Hi! My name is Noel Charan and I am the founder and Metal Botanist of Steel Rose Company.

The first metal rose I ever created was for my beautiful wife for her birthday. She loved when I got her flowers but hated it when they would wilt and be thrown away.

So I decided to make a rose from metal, it took a few days of sparks, hammers, welding and eventually I had made her a rose that would last forever.

Soon after, requests for custom metal rose's and flowers started coming through and that was the beginning of Steel Rose Company.

When I started accepting orders for roses, my wife and I decided from our life experiences that we would donate a portion of every sale to charities and causes. We focus on a few which are Children's Hospital, Food Banks, and Animal Shelters. We strongly believe in helping and understanding one another, thank you for giving us the ability to do so. 


Steel Rose Company

Due to upcoming hip surgery, We will not be taking any orders from late November until early 2020. Sorry for the inconvenience, please sign up to our newsletter for updates and a special discount for when we are back!


Noel & Ash

Steel Rose Company